Adrianne Burke

Yoga Instructor, Leadership Development, and Communication Strategy in Richmond, Virginia

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Adrianne is a social change agent focusing on using yoga and conscious movement as a means to promote peace and overall well being. She sees self-care as an integral method to help people truly re-imagine, and re-create the type of world we want to live in. After spending more than 7 years as a communication strategist for progressive nonprofits, and running her own consulting firm for three years, Adrianne shifted her focus to life coaching and full time healing advocacy as a means to be of better service to her colleagues--especially in our changing political climate. She wanted to find a way to link social justice work and healing work together, as her self-care practice contained tools that had helped her find peace in her own life, while also embracing the fire so true to her being. A life filled with constant resistance was making her feel helpless as she was watching her colleagues get more and more burnt out. At the same time, her connection to all things spiritual was becoming greater. Social justice is spiritual work, and so she started Yoga for Justice in 2016 as a response to the media's coverage of police brutality and race relations currently dividing the country. Helping to co-found bareSOUL Yoga Studio in 2017, Adrianne continued her socially conscious yoga work by focusing on creating inclusive spaces for people of color and college students to practice yoga. Embracing the nickname Namaslay, Adrianne uses reiki, creative movement, music, activism, yoga philosophy and continues to “teach kickboxing like a yoga teacher,” all while encouraging others to slay stereotypes and allow the true self to heal.

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    • bareSOUL Yoga
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    • Christopher Newport University