Adrianne Fielding


Hi! I'm Adrianne. By day, I'm a professional grants geek, leading the charge to help my colleagues successfully obtain and effectively manage Federal and foundation grants. I've been in this field for 10 years, and truly love the opportunities to secure critical resources for projects that improve organizations, communities, and the lives of individuals. It really resonates with me, and pretty naturally followed my training and prior work as a sociologist. I'm profoundly grateful that I've been able to navigate a professional path that allows me to make a living doing something that is so meaningful to me and so impactful for others.

My passion for what I do to pay the bills is also inspired and informed by my creative and "connecting" instincts. I do a lot of writing, editing, and job/business coaching for my friends' professional projects, and always have one or more creative side gigs in process. Lately, most of that has involved photography and other visual art, which has been tremendously thrilling and energizing, and my near-term to-do list includes launching a website together to share some of my own work.

Taking a cue from that smartypants Chris Brogan (, the three words that are serving as my mental anchors for 2014 are fun, focus, and forward.

  • Work
    • Grants Manager, Assoc. of American Med. Colleges
  • Education
    • Wesleyan University
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst