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Gain control of your boiler to make quick energy savings of 30% or more says ENER-G Controls

Inefficient boilers, where water is re-heated unnecessarily, mean business energy costs can be more than 30% higher than they should be, according to ENER-G Controls.

'Your typical boiler is unintelligent and will often fire up unnecessarily, when there is still sufficient heat within the system', explained, Steve Berry, General Manager for ENER-G Controls. 'When this happens the boiler re-heats water that is already sufficiently heated and the excess heat is wasted up the boiler flue. This is commonly called dry-cycling and can add more than 30% to the cost of an organisation's heating bill. '

ENER-G Controls has introduced the E-MAGINE Boiler Optimiser that makes boilers demand driven. As such, the boiler only runs when it needs to and at the temperature required to satisfy demand, thus saving energy and unnecessary wear of the equipment.

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