Adriann Raines

My name is Adriann Raines, I am a graphic designer. I have my associates degree and I am a event planner for companies all over the united states, I help plan the events and find talent to fill those missing spaces that are needed to make the event spectacular. I also am working on a few other projects I have a site currently under construction that consists of helping businesses get promoted threw the web and threw social media networks. I am a very outgoing person I can get along with just about everyone I talk to, I am a non judgmental person why? Because everyone makes mistakes and something that may not seem right to me may be perfect way of life in someone else's eyes I don't believe there is a right and wrong way to do things just different. My typical fun day would be well yesterday was pretty fun 5/5/2012 I went up to Idaho Got a speeding ticket ( not fun) But went to IF and had a picnic with my friends and son played on the playground, went to the zoo, went to the museum where they had the Dino's there this time and we went out to eat and to the mall and my friends got me hooked on these Lego Mini figures there in this little package and you don't know what is inside of it and then you build these different charters and well it's fun and addicting. Lol yes I am a dork! So right now I am collecting mini figurines as well. I also have a son who will be Two in June I can't believe he will almost be TWO! He is the love of my life He is so talkitive and curious to what is around him and he is a smart little boy.And he loves Cars any type of cars yep he is defiantly a boy! I also loves to do stuff like slacklinging is awesome, lazer tag, go karts,board games, playing on the wii mainly with friends, snowboarding,wakeboarding,jet skiing, swimming, ice skating. Stuff like that! I love every type of music I may not like every song but I like every kind my mixes consist of rap, hip hop, rock, alternative rock, country, techno, jazz, you get the Idea :) I am also very good with computers in general, weather it's designing something, programming, fixing, cleaning, whatever I'm pretty good with them :) If you would like to know more about me well then feel free to ask if not then have a good life :)