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PROFILE Mozambique National, with Chinese descent, is a native of the district Mocimboa da Praia, Cape Province Delegate currently has residence in Mozambique, Portugal and Spain and fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The accumulated experience in the financial market, allowed him to have a strong vision Markets thus becoming an analyst of financial markets. Does wealth management and investment products and funds in various stock exchanges in the world. With strong execution capability and a born entrepreneur profile, from an early age became an enabler of business and partnerships, always focusing on local economic development, attracting large investments into the country. COURSES AND SPECIALIZATIONS Among the various courses and specializations include: The iTrade - Miami - 2005 The iTrade - South Africa - 2006 MBA University of New York - 2009 The iTrade - Hong Kong - 2010 EXPERIENCE: FINANCIAL SECTOR: Since 2000, develops his career in the financial sector having with highlights: S.A EXCHANGE - PCA and Chairman House Exchange. Leading company in the foreign exchange market in Mozambique that today owns 65% of the forex market. MOZAMBIQUE CAPITAIS - Shareholder and member of the General Council. (MOZAMBIQUE CAPITAIS, owner of 51% of the shares of MOZABANCO - Private Commercial Banking Institution) Cuter INTERNATIONAL SA - LONDON - Chairman & shareholder with 50% equity Asset Management NATIONAL BUSINESS COUNCIL OF MOZAMBIQUE - Board Member The Business Council of Mozambique is a small group of CTA - Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique extended to the President and the Prime Minister REAL ESTATE - Weng Investment & S.A Imobiliária CONTACT 33 Felipe Road Rm166ne London United Kingdom 351 964772316 Portugal 258 843005870 Mozambique 447 510865366 United Kingdom