Adrianos M. Facchetti

Named in the most recent Who’s Who in American Law, defamation litigator Adrianos Facchetti is dedicated to maintaining his Pasadena, California-based firm at the forefront of jurisprudence and technology. Noted for his expertise in defamation law, Mr. Facchetti’s distinctive skill set attracts a diverse clientele. Individuals and businesses from across the United States and foreign countries have sought his counsel. Other legal professionals also have turned to his practice, the Law Office of Adrianos Facchetti, for expert guidance. He possesses experience representing clients in defamation suits, having effectively litigated cases for defendants and plaintiffs. He also understands how to combat negative consumer reviews and libelous statements in blogs and e-mails.

A prodigious writer on matters pertaining to libel and slander, as well as other legal subjects, Adrianos Facchetti authored The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Defamation Law. The American Bar Association features Mr. Facchetti’s website,, on the ABA website. In addition, e-Justice’s top 50 listing of best online legal blogs included Mr. Facchetti’s site. He has also contributed to, a comprehensive online resource for independent attorneys.

Aside from his extensive work regarding defamation, Adrianos Facchetti has developed uncommon skill with the provisions of anti-SLAPP, a complex, ever-changing area of free speech law. Drawing on his background in civil litigation, Mr. Facchetti also supplies counsel in cases concerning cyberstalking, unfair business practices, land use, and real estate. No matter the issue, he manages the various stages of litigation from beginning to end, inclusive of discovery, trial, and appeal.

In addition, Adrianos Facchetti performs pro bono work for The Alliance for Children’s Rights. He supports the group’s National Adoption Day. He represents adoptive parents in efforts to finalize documents to adopt foster children and appears in court on the parents' behalf at adoption finalization hearings. Each year, The Alliance receives nearly 25,000 hours and $6 million worth of pro bono legal services in support of the group’s activities. Active in his field, Mr. Facchetti maintains affiliations with many bar associations, such as the American, Los Angeles County, Glendale, and Burbank. He holds a Juris Doctor from Pepperdine University School of Law.