Adrian Paulsen

Oslo - Norway

Adrian Paulsen is a designer, lecturer and visual thinker. As a service and systems oriented designer, his personal philosophy is be curious, think visually and continually foster alliances as well as keep focus on doing more with less. This philosophy and his keen sense for collaboration across disciplines has lead him to Halogen, a digital design agency based in Oslo.

Here Paulsen's work revolves around merging system-style thinking with design-style thinking to improve process ability and manage organisational complexities. Paulsen has also worked as a freelance designer with projects ranging from strategic service innovation for a ship wharf to internal strategic processes for an insurance company.

In addition to his role at Halogen, Paulsen is adjunct faculty at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo AHO). His teaching schedule focuses on teaching in the SOD and Service Design master courses.

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