Adrián Pérez

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Higher Level student of Business Management and Marketing.

Nonconformist par excellence, passionate about new technologies, I like to be updated, what happened yesterday is history. I live the present.

Hapiness is one of the foundations of my life, but without it I could not overcome the day. Curiosity overwhelms me and inspires me patience to choose the best option to meet my goals.

I think every person is the result of what we have lived, and I am the result of all you can not do or will not get what you propose that people told to me. If anything I have clear is that thanks to all those NO, I'm doing what I really want.

Because if you really want something, you should be able to fight for it, at all costs

  • Education
    • C.EJaume Balmes
    • CFGS Gestión Comercial y Marketing