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Adrian Rubin

Adrian Rubin is a real estate developer with a passion for customer service, fine art, and golf. He is passionate about making the world a livable place for as many individuals as possible, while creating an aesthetically pleasing living situation for people who reside in and around the major cities all over the United States. Adrian is extremely passionate about what he does professionally and likes to think that it shows in the long lasting client relationships that he has developed over the years. Adrian lives and breathes his industry and everything related to real estate in an effort to provide his clients with the best and most knowledgeable service around. He couldn't be happier to have built his career on these goals and values.

Additionally, Adrian feels proud of the fact that so many of his new clients are direct referrals.

When he is not busy at work developing his real estate projects, Adrian can be found in a local museum or on the golf course. Golf and fine art allow for a tasteful appreciation of both nature and artistic value while allowing oneself to relax and live in the moment. This is the major asset that Adrian takes away from the time that he spends enjoying these out-of-office hobbies.

Although Adrian became more involved with golf later in life, his passion for the sport has grown immensely and he loves to spend time outside on the putting green as much as he enjoys watching others play, and writing about it too. You can learn more about Adrian's golf hobby on his website.

While Adrian maintains a consistent level of excitement about the sport, and loves devoting much of his free-time to this endeavor, he also realizes that the most successful people in life are able to turn their minds off of work and recharge every now and then. Adrian does this through his twin passions of fine art and golf.

Adrian is also fully involved in giving back to the community through Children's Hospital. He is passionate about supporting youth and helping kids stay healthy. Adrian has dedicated so much time to this cause, because he truly believes that this is the most valuable resource for the future, and that children deserve the potential of living a healthy life to the fullest. Teaching kids and helping them thrive makes them more apt to success in the future, and this goes along with Adrian's theme of creating a bigger, brighter world for everyone.