Adrian Watkins

Singapore, Singapore

An ambitious Sales Director and Business Owner offering leadership experience and a wealth of knowledge in digital commercial, content, marketing, and best practice functions within publisher, agency, mobile and converging markets. A proven corporate track record which includes consistently exceeding targets of $MM, company acquisition, new product and market launches, monetising new territories and driving successes in the more recent programmatic (real time bidding) space. More recently completed a year-long honeymoon/working sabbatical, before relocating to the largest digital growth market of Southeast Asia and have now founded an independent trading desk, Performance Asia specialising in buying digital advertising through real time bidding (RTB).

LATEST VENTURE: Performance Asia (link)

Performance Asia is a new audience buying company (digital media trading desk) which has won business from a number of global brands. Through a range of platforms, we offer advertisers a single, comprehensive resource from which to reach and engage with global audiences across the universe of digital media. We specialise in real-time bidding.

At Performance Asia, we have two pillars which enables us to stand out for our clients:

1. Simplicity.

How do we deliver simplicity?

• We cut through the jargon to understand client needs
• We deliver to pre-set goals & provide the best results at the best possible price
• We offer realistic, ongoing recommendations on how to make advertiser budgets work harder and be even more effective, such as adopting an "always on" approach
• We provide all activity in one consolidated report - regardless of platforms & markets

2. Independence:

Because we are privately owned and independent, we can work with most preferred client suppliers without being concerned about global trading agreements, internal politics or mandates.

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