Adrian Wiggins

Adrian Wiggins

Adrian is a musician (percussionist) and businessman based in Cardiff. Started teaching Latin percussion, Samba predominantly in 1993.

Has played in numerous bands and set up Samba groups across Wales.

Teaches Samba in schools and colleges all over Wales and the south west.

His extensive amount of percussion instruments includes:

Congas, Bongos, Cajon, Timbales, Pandeiro, Berimbau, Udu, Darbuka, snare and all Samba related instruments.

African instruments like the Balafon, Mbira, Djembe and Talking drum.

On occasions works with contemporary dance as a solo percussionist and often composes music for new dance pieces.
Is currently running and performing with

The Seratones a latin/afro Brazilian quartet.

Omega 66 an electro funk band on the rise!

Monkjack an 8 piece full on old school funk experience!

Adrian runs BIG BEAT TEAM BUILDING a company that specialises in Samba drumming for the corporate sector, providing professional Samba players/tutors to organise and teach groups with no experience to be playing together within a short period of time.