adria porrera

About me :

Hi, I´m Adria, from Barcelona in Spain. I´ve got 13 years and I so insupportablee and exited, but i very happy and very funny. I´ve got brown eyes and brown hair. I´m not high .


I interested in sports, as fotball, also likes rare sports as slamball. I like play PC games and I love read manga. i´m so geek. I like go to japan weekend with others friends. I like mood movies, because I laugh a lot.

My time and My mony:

I spend much time studying, also spend my time playing football or playing a PC game or any game, because i like playing. Also spends much mony in a manga or a PC games.

My Dreams:

One of my drims are imposible because is fly, but oder of my drims are posible, for example, travel to brazil, to dance samba.