Adria Roach

Nurse, Mother, and wife in North Carolina

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Welcome, to the beauty in Simplicity. A blog that contains all things I am passionate about. Especially my husband, and two busy little boys.

We are new to the Northern, NC area from CT. I am a kombucha drinking, baby wearing, farmer’s market going Mama/RN who puts garlic in her kid’s ears (only if they have an ear infection). According to my family I would be considered Crunchy, but I also enjoy take out and fast food every now and then so I beg to differ. I step on Lego’s in the middle of the night & trip over remote control cars while cooking.

I prefer to make all things at home laundry detergent, pickles, and hair gel. Stay awhile & join me on my journey in keeping things simple.


The Beauty in Simplicity