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Adriel Trott

Professor in Indianapolis, Indiana

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I'm an Associate Professor in Philosophy at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana. I work on ancient Greek and contemporary European philosophy inflected by social and political concerns. I'm particularly interested in the concept of nature and how historically nature has been thought in relation to reason, convention and artifice. I think the way nature has been understood in relation to its apparent opposite has led to conceptions of community that require a founding exclusion. I'm interested in rethinking that relation to develop new ways of conceiving community. You could say I care about the ontology of politics.

I like to run. I care about justice, feminism, opposing racism and resisting neoliberalism. I think Socrates was on to something when he suggested thinking was a practice of living. I think extending the law to cover more people just produces a more radically outside abject. I teach students to think. I delight in the pleasures of doing the difficult thing. My family is big. My true friends are true. I'm glad to be.

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