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Adriel Casellas

Marketing and Media Specialist in Provo, Utah

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Thanks for stopping in to my page! Here are three things I think you should know about me:

1) I love being creative

Whether it is working on short films or writing and recording music, I love to constantly be creating. I believe that the thing which makes human beings so special is our ability to create, and not tapping into that ability would be quite a failure of potential. Below are links to some of my creations that I hope you will enjoy.

2) I love science

Working at the National Institutes of Health for three summers has given me a passion for the scientific method, along with the knowledge that it my not be my strongest suit. Although I realized that research wasn't necessarily the path for me, it had taught me to incorporate the values and methodology of science into every aspect of my life.

3) I am a quick and humble learner

Although some might point out the irony in calling oneself a humble learner, I believe that a key aspect in learning the right way is to temporarily abandoning preconceived notions of what you think you know. I often do this to avoid having my ego alter my perspective on valuable data or instruction. Although I am strong in my convictions, I always consider the possibility that my way may not be the right way.

“Pursuing a rapid experiment and finding out you were wrong and changing directions isn’t failure. That is the road to success.”

― Nathan Furr, Nail It then Scale It

  • Education
    • Brigham Young University