Adrien Montcoudiol

San Francisco, CA

I'm a young tech entrepreneur and traveler.

I study business at ESCP Europe (Paris) but took a 2-year break (from June '13 to Aug '15) to discover innovative ecosystems (starting w. Silicon Valley), meet awesome people and work on great projects.

I'll do Marketing and Product Management at this promising startup NextUser in San Francisco until January '14 - basically, we help web businesses to easily offer a personalized experience to their users in order to increase their conversion and retention rates. Also getting to code (HTML, CSS, JS & PHP)!

I'm open to interesting projects for February '14 and later.

Previously, I founded Start Me Up (Entrepreneurs' student club in Paris, London, Madrid & Berlin) and launched two mobile apps (Feel & Jukeo) with a few friends.

I also like to gather great people at events like I did with Students At LeWeb in London (June '13) or Early Entrepreneurs in San Francisco (Sept. '13).

And I blog at

Life is short, let's talk: @adrienm