My name is Niyobuhungiro Adrien, I study in MCE(Mathematics Computer and Economics) and in addition to that I study Leadership and Entrepreneurship as the extra subjects in Sonrise High School. I like to pray soccer in my school team. I was born in 1990 in the small village. I raised in the orphanage with my two sisters and a little young brother. We lost our parents at the early age.

I always happy when I'm in Sarah's house with my family where we enjoy everything we want and we always feel at home especially when I, Benimana, Justin, Claudine,Clemence and Sara's friends are in the house.

Who is Dr. Sara

I always feel happy when I 'm in the Sara's beautiful house, it has fresh air. She a wonderful person that have ever lived. She loves my family. She adopted my sister Claudine . She found a good school for in USA, she takes care of her in many things