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Adri Capde



My name is Adri. I was born in Bayonne. I leave in Bassussarry with my parents, my father and my dog. I'm 15 years old.

I you see me on this page, it's for english test. Do you want to know more about me ???

I play rugby for Bayonne's team but I go to school in Biarritz. For rugby, between Bayonne and Biarritz it's the war, for me Biarritz's people are my friends to.

My favorite hobby, to take care my dog. It name is Chaïna, a leonberger. It's my big princess, my teddy bear, my toy, my friend. It is 6 years old and I love play with it.

My parents are horrible with education and homeworks. My mother would like to me I recite my lessons every day but I try to hide them time of time. The worst is my father with mathematics.

Finally my brother. I have a very good relationship with he. He plays rugby to, it's our most important discuss subject.

My friends are very important to.

Now, see you soon....