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Adrien Deloison

Always been passionate by Human's behaviorsince its creation. I realized during my studies at Montpellier InternationalBusiness School that we could relate analysis of human behavior with Marketing,and then I decided to think about innovative and efficient marketing, and more precisely,Online Marketing. I'm sharing David K. Reynolds' point of view, when he says:"No one really knows why humans do what they do". This quote can alsoemit a question, if no one really knows why humans adopt different behavior,how best Marketing team can influence others to buy their products or services?

I'm also interested in travelling andvisited more than 10 countries from USA, to northern countries, Africa... Iworked a year in London in an International Enterprise as Account manager andMarketing/Communication assistant with an international team that haveconsiderably increase my cultural awareness regarding others ways of living andworking with multicultural team (composed by Asian, Indian, African, Americanand European)

I am very engaged in what I do,motivate and ambitious, I always think on how optimize everything, Then if weare sharing same passions and motivations, please feel free to contact me inorder to exchange, and why not, think together.