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Adrien Callou

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Adrien Callou

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I’m a professional in marketing/sales in the CPG industry (healthcare, food and beverage). I’m experiencing one of the best training within the industry by working as a Dedicated Inside Sales Specialist for the most powerful brand in the world: Coca Cola.

3 areas of expertise drive my twitter, blog, and career:

• Science: I obtained a bachelor's degree in biotechnology before a master's degree in marketing. Moreover, I like to share quirky and positive articles based on scientific facts;

• Consumer insight: marketing and consumer behavior are my favorite brain exercises;

• Selling techniques in every form: customer service and brand or digital strategies give me a thrill.


What other people may find in music or art, I find it in the flight of a good golf shot. When I was lucky on a golf shot, my dad used to quote Gary Player: “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Something I also apply for my professional life; the harder I work the luckier I’ll be in my career.