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Adrienne Busurelo S.

Freedom from society's expectations granted at birth, I came into the world by way of artist and perfectionist, my mother. I can give much of the credit to her for who I am today through my intercontinental endeavors.

Adopted by my grandparents to save me from the starving artist society, I have achieved many things so far. Namely I have cultivated myself and have the ability to analyze and change aspects of business concepts and systems. This has been done with my growing insight into business practices through experience in event and exposition catering in a Fortune 500 company, different cultures and world aesthetics.

Upon finishing my formal education with an MBA in Luxury Brand Management in Paris, Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration in New Orleans, and living in India, I have found that the knowledge I have gained is an unsettling feeling.

In attaining knowledge I, like many, have become uncomfortable in my surroundings thus driving me to change the world around me as well as myself.

Like my mother, I have a sincere and utmost appreciation for aesthetical beauty which has driven me to become savvy in my degree fields.

Luxury and Hospitalty are fields where dreams of the human condition are realized. Luxury in my definition of the word is imagination come to life. It is the ability to materialize the optimum conditions and arrange objects in a space to answer one's supreme desire. In luxury I feel one should have the ability to please him or herself through creating and satisfying curiosity as well as providing comfort and pleasure to one or all the senses resulting in blissful feelings. I feel that total luxury should be the goal which is providing soothing sensations for the mind and all the senses, one at a time or simultaneously.

Luxury seeks perfection which seems unattainable. It is because perfection in the mind's eye is a fleeting thing which can not be held for long. Thus, change is neccessary to once again grasp the ever relentless desire for a state of perfection. Fulfilling desire through change is the force that continues to drive luxury and the world as a whole.

My acheievement will be invoking success through change. I will do this by applying myself and reaching a state of perfection as many times as I can in my life as well as in the lives of the people I meet. All the while I plan to have the most fun doing it.