Adrienne Brown


We all have those items we love to splurge on. Some of us literally fall head over heels a la Carrie Bradshaw for swanky shoes while others are connoisseurs for the finest chocolate. It’s quite understandable. A Kit-Kat bar tastes much less decadent after one’s tried a Belgian chocolate truffle. And once you strut your stuff in a well-made, perfectly-fitting bra, it’s hard to ever search in the boudoir bargain bin ever again. These are those rare moments when a not-so-subtle splurge morphs from a fleeting feeling of ego-boosting opulence into a worthwhile investment and we’re able to make a moment of mall-bound bliss last a moment longer.

It’s one of the worst feelings to shell out a hefty heap of hard-earned cash for a gorgeous garment, only to have it disintegrate within the coming weeks. In an instant, a pile of shredded lace becomes a pile of shredded money that only the most flexible of return policies could fix. You did everything you could to prevent the very worst. You made sure to try the bra on beforehand and it felt like a dream. You even got a proper, professional fitting. You practiced proper lingerie laundering: hand-washed when you had the time, used garment bags when you didn’t, used water as cold as the Antarctic Ocean, and avoided dryers like the plague. You know a beautiful lingerie item when you see it. It enchants your eye and sends your imagination running wild. But, how do you know of it’s quality before it unravels?