Adrienne Cooke

I am the creator of Shoes To Africa. Shoes To Africa was created as a result of the recent Ebola epidemic which left thousands of children without families. I read an article where there were 3,000 children who were left without a single family member as a result of this epidemic. These children were walking around by themselves. No one would touch them or hug them. Many children do not have shoes. Children dropout of school due to feet infections. Wearing shoes prevents hookworms and promotes healthy hygiene. I am collecting shoes not only for children but for adults as well. I am asking if possible that new shoes or/and slightly worn children's shoes be donated. For the adults slightly worn shoes would be appreciated. I will make sure that they reach their destinations throughout Africa. I am working with other organizations in various African countries.

Your donations would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact me if you are able to donate at

Thank you!