Adrienne Abiodun

the story of me: i was born back in 82' in manila on a military base that a volcano later torched. i've lived in nine states, traveled to 49 and walked across america from new york to l.a. in the last 30 years. i've authored a heart-felt children's picture story book titled, isaac and the bah family tree and i've snapped some 20,000+ photographs from my global escapades. however, it is not my desire to count countries or passport stamps. being a new mother to my beautiful daughter, naomi, i pray my travelling days aren't numbered.

things that matter to me: family - i love those present and past. i'm very into genealogy. home - decent shelter is a blessing. i lead projects in africa to help build houses for poverty-stricken families in partnership with habitat for humanity international. archiving - photos, memories and experiences. more valuable than anything. minimalism - less is always more. keeping in touch - utilize the buttons, please.