Adrienne Starr

(To the tune of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song)

Now, this is a story all about me
My name’s Adrienne Starr. Here’s a brief biography
Now I'd like to take a moment
You can read it right here
I'll tell you some about me while I'll look for a career

In Marietta, Georgia born and raised
Then at the University of Georgia’s where I spent most of my days
Studied biology, then sports and worked at the NFLPA
I've rocked the intern life grind and paved my own way
I've got passion. Who doesn't? And I'm creative to boot
but combine that with killer people skills and I'm ready for a challenge so....just shoot

I like teamwork and success but working alone can be cool

I have proven myself at work and in school

If anything I dream of being a female success
I have so much to learn and hope to learn from the best

I have rounded the bend and I'm looking for more
I even started a company to up my score.

I look into the future with goals and big dreams
Future employers should know I like to take a dare
But through hard work and persistence I will get there

  • Education
    • BSA Biological Sciences and MS Kinesiology