Adrienne Mari'ya

In a time of over-saturated, highly digitized music, short-lived gimmicks and lack-luster imagery, consumers long for the revival of organic musicianship and artistry. Adrienne Mari'ya is a long-awaited entertainer, of epic proportions, who infuses the art of storytelling, cinematic visuals and captivating choreography, staged to a Pop-Funk-Rock "soundtrack," delivering a unique interactive concert experience.

Adrienne Mari'ya has shared the stage and screen with some of Pop music’s biggest names, working with such artists as The Rolling Stones, Rihanna and Madonna. This all-around entertainer and songwriter has collaborated with award-winning and multi-platinum producers and writers, choreographed for numerous artists, events and shows, has worked with world-renowned choreographers such as Fatima Robinson (“Dreamgirls,”) Dave Scott (“Stomp the Yard”) and Wade Robson ("So You Think You Can Dance,") while being signed to Bloc Agency Los Angeles, touring the world and performing with numerous established and upcoming musical acts.

This California native has been surrounded by the arts since birth. With her family touring as "The Honey B’s" and, later, working with such artists as Babyface, Bobby Brown, Jose Feliciano and Michael Bolton, it is to no surprise that Adrienne’s first major performance was at the tender age of 8 at the Universal Amphitheatre [currently the Gibson Amphitheatre].

Internationally known for her Janet tributes, Adrienne Mari'ya can, also, be seen in numerous commercials, ads, videos, television shows. Growing up in a musical family, Adrienne has a great appreciation for all genres of music, which she integrates into her own personal style. Although she has been compared to the likes of Janet and Michael Jackson for her funky dance moves, come-hither vocals, and epic visions, this vibrant and captivating performer definitely commands attention and works a stage unlike no other. This talented singer/songwriter now embarks on a solo journey and with the buzz and anticipation of a debut album, this stand-out star is sure to be a household name.