Adrienne Maust

Salisbury, Pennsylvania

When I am not studying, I enjoy activities unrelated to school. I enjoy reading a good book filled with rich characters, unexpected twists, and thought provoking outcomes. On occasion I do enjoy flipping through the television channels in the hopes that I will find something worth watching. When the sun is just dipping below the treetops and the day is settling in for the night I enjoy the kind of walking that tires my muscles and clears my mind.
During hot summer days, when I have a day or two off work and am on break from school, I enjoy ice cream cones and lazy afternoons in the hammock. Although I play soccer about as well as a camel riding a bicycle, I still have fun running around kicking the ball as hard as I can. But really, one of my favorite pastimes to do when I am not working or studying, is to share my time with my family and friends. I also enjoy traveling and discovering what the world has to offer.

  • Work
    • Building Blocks Daycare
  • Education
    • Salisbury - Elk Lick Junior - Senior High School
    • Frostburg State University
    • Allegany College of Maryland