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Adrienne McLean

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Adrienne McLean believes that delivering Confident Presentations will help you to connect with your client and build the trust needed to get that business.

Adrienne started The Speakers Practice in 2009 to assist Professionals to promote business ,primarily, by speaking.

Adrienne has trained in both Presentation Skills and Marketing. Along with her years of corporate and small business experience, she assists Professionals with innovative approaches to confidently present , be a leader and influential.

Delivering confident presentations is essential in the workplace - for Sales, Speaking with Clients, Speaking with Staff, Speaking with Colleagues, and much more -

The Speakers Practice programs include -

Friday Forum - Business topics on Google Hangout

SpeakersTrainingCamp® - Confident Presentation Skills program - 1 or 2 Day

Presentation and Video Program - Training Professionals to present in front of a video Camera and create Video

Business Speakers Forum - a 2 hour program to rehearse and present presentations with audience feedback.

One-on-One Consultations - a Continuous Improvement Mentoring Program for marketing and presentation skills

Plan, Practice and Present your next Presentation, Be Empowered!

  • Education
    • BSc Hons (Syd)
    • Distinguished Toastmaster
    • International SpeakersTrainingCamp Instructor
    • Studied with Michael Port - BookYourselfSolid