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Adrienne Momi

Adrienne Momi
I started making serious art when I was just a little girl. My first lessons were from my father who taught me two point perspective at age 8. The budding talent was then bundled off to the Art Institute of Chicago for sculpture lessons. How scary it was to walk to the classroom with Egyptian sarcophagi looming on either side of me! It did get better.

Art school at the University of Miami was trippy with instructors ranging from very traditional to very contemporary. Abstract Expressionism was all the rage, and you can still see the broad sweeping emotional marks in my work. Painting was my passion. And can you believe this was all before acrylics were even invented?

After raising a daughter, I had time once again to make art. Watercolors, handmade paper, and a touch of whimsical soft sculpture--then came the life changing opportunity to travel to Florence Italy where I learned to make prints.

Traditional etching morphed into collagraphy--I hated the toxicity of an acid shop. Printmaking gave me the opportunity to play with all the techniques I love: painting, drawing, sculpting. And that's just what I've done for years. I still go to Florence almost every year. And, my art continues to evolve. In 2012, I found a very traditional studio in which to work and experimented with both Tempera d'Uovo and Tempera Grassa.

What a wonderful journey this has been so far.

  • Education
    • Univ of Miami School,of Art, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Ph.D