Adrien Sgb

Bordeaux (France)

I wanted to add this page to my resume because I think it's important to know people, at least a little, in order to make a better decision whether or not working with someone.
When I was in charge of hiring interns during my last internship, I always tried to figure out if the person interviewed would fit in well with the team and be cool to work with. So here's a little bit of me.

I'm a twenty-two year old Marketing student living in Bordeaux, south-west coast of France. I love what I've been doing for the five past years. Graduating in Advertising and Communications, then in Marketing, I had the chance to study a lot of things and work in various fields, from fashion to finance.
Besides my studies, I worked as a freelance and became a Communications Manager for a fashion designer who's now a good friend of mine (call me if you need a wedding dress, I have special discounts). I also worked on several short-term projects.
The aim was to go beyond the studies, I wanted to start working and concretely do what I was learning. Since I was too young at the time, working as a freelance was the perfect opportunity.

Anyway, working and studying isn't all about me. I like to keep myself busy, useful and entertained.
I'm the president of The Young Explorer France, a French-Moroccan association that works with underprivileged regions of Morocco, and provides school materials, warm clothes and fundings for school's renovations.
You can visit our website at (the website sucks at the moment, we got no time to improve it, but feel free to donate:)
I'm also fond of music. I play piano and violin, which I both learned on my own ( when I was five my mother registered me to flute classes, four hours a week, for six years long, that clearly explains why the perspective of having a new music teacher drives me literally crazy …)

Sport is also part of my daily routine. I ain't no muscle-obsessed but I like to keep in shape and be healthy.
So is art and creation in all its forms. I love drawing, photography and graphic arts, so I spend a lot of time doing it.

Finally, I'd say that my best quality is that I'm starving for knowledge and discoveries. I'm always willing to learn, work hard, stay late at the office and give my best in the work.

  • Work
    • Marketing Assistant - Dezan Shira & Associates
  • Education
    • 1st year of Master Degree in Business Strategies and Marketing