adrian blake

Cortland, New York, United States

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i know you may wonder how i came up doing this kind of stuff. well here is my story.

my name is adrian blake, 20, was born in queen creek arizona

my parents broke up when i was 12 and i stayed with my dad for 2 years until he met someone and decided to marry again. i went to my mom and stayed with her and her new family for a year and a half. that time i moved in cortland where my mom resides. so i went to school there. the time i finished junior high i decided to fly solo.

did all kinds of jobs and rackets. luckily my dad knew this and he bought me a place of my own as a birthday present when i turned 17. i dont know how i managed to survive life until August last year when i decided to go to the camming business.

i know i'm not the hottest girl and not the prettiest either. but i know what i can do and i'm proud of what i am :)

know me as a person. as adrian :) not "adriiian_". yes i am a cam girl but that will never mean i'm a bad person. i love what i'm doing and im hoping you will be enjoying every moment with me on the things i do best.

i'm currently looking for a man of my dreams.. someone who can accept the fact of me being a cam girl and who's willing to support me on my career. someone who can be proud of who i am and what i can do. someone who's willing to take all the risks to make me happy :)

i don't show myself outside of the show. well depending of course on who im gonna show to. im a private person. i even have more friends in my cam site than in real life. HAHA

well if you want to atleast have some quality time with me. click the spotlight above or click the "CLICK HERE" button below.

email me or skype me (adriiian_B) or kik me (adriiian_b)


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