Adriana Lopez (adrimarie86) (adrienne_fashionoble)

Entrepreneurship and Marketing in Chico, California

Adriana Lopez (adrimarie86) (adrienne_fashionoble)

Entrepreneurship and Marketing in Chico, California

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On July 2, 1994, my life changed forever in a way that I was yet to understand.

My father, best friend, hero, motivator and teacher, Enrique Lopez died all by himself at the hospital after suffering 6 months of chemotherapy that was supposed to treat his stage 3 lung cancer. My family was poor and uneducated. We lacked money and options.

In 2013, after transferring to CSU Chico and attending a leadership workshop program on campus known as the Wildcat Leadership Institute, I finally realized who I was and who I wanted to be.

That semester I declared my major; entrepreneurship and decided to write an autobiography about my journey.

It has been a lonely, stressful road but I was meant to do this. I grew up in the hood in the Bay Area (Hayward, Oakland, Richmond). I left everything I knew in pursuit of my dreams.

I have one year left to graduate and I have never once regretted my decision for higher education. My goal in life is to inspire others with my story. To help me get there you can contribute to my life emotionally by empowering me or financially so I can have access to the basics like dental health for example. I haven't had the opportunity to have a dental cleaning since I quit my job to pursue entrepreneurship (I Have adhd ...studying requires double the time for me which is fine).

This is my life. This is my story. I don't need anyone's pity :) just love and support. Thank you for visiting.


Adriana Lopez

ADRIANA LOPEZ - CEO, Enliven Marketing Hayward l Oakland l Richmond l Chico, CA Entreprenur/ Writer/ Activist/ Student

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