Ad Roek

Small Business Owner in Roosendaal, Netherlands

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Hey there, I’m Ad. I’m a small business owner living in Roosendaal, Netherlands.

I'm living here my whole live, but I have serious plans to move to Thailand. I've been there a few times and I have a Thai girlfriend there.

The only reason why I don't live there yet is because of my parents. They lived here with me for 6 years. My father past away in July and my mother is still living with me. Unfortunately, here health is also worse and she needs help that I can't give her myself.

My doggie is the sweetest in the world ;)

And besides that, I'm also interested in yoga, fitness and running and a lot more outdoor. And I love the entrepreneurship.

I work online since 3 years now, butthe first 2 years I had no profit. Like most people I bought manyproducts, books, software apps etc and nothing worked well for me.

But, the only reason why they didn'twork is because I jumped from product to product.

I learned to focus on doing one thingand stick with that. And that worked!

Now, I earn more than enough to live inThailand!

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But, you can also visit workfromhome-homebusiness for general online income information.