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Adryan Jimenez

Adryan Jimenez

As a child, I grew up with a wide range of aspirations; each of which tied to my need to belong and feel accepted. I wanted kids to like me so I became proficient in sports like basketball, football, and even dodgeball. During my leisure time (summers) I would spend time with gamers and play video games. When music gained my interest when I entered middle school, I wanted to become the next John Coltrane on saxophone so the kids would think I was awesome. However, with each passing year all of these aspirations would fade with the waning of relationships. I eventually fell into a state of apathy.

That was until I was introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After I heard the fullness of God's goodness, I realized that every aspiration pointed to but did not satisfy my need to feel accepted. Knowing that God chose to adopt me into His family shows that I was accepted long before I even knew it. With that being said, after my conversion I went to get a degree in Theology at Grand Canyon University, and I transferred to the University I currently attend: Biola. I'm pursuing a degree in Christian Ministries, and I now have aspirations of sharing this same Gospel with students to let them know that they too can become one of the King's kin. I intend on having this passion for a long time.

- Adryan J.