Cortney Milton

ADT Security System has been the most trusted security system in North America for over two hundred years. With over six million homes and businesses secured by ADT, it is the leading security system in the industry. With a long established history, ADT boasts the best customer service provided by thousands of employees, and state of the art technology that is sure to bring your home and business the peace of mind that is truly priceless.

ADT Security provides 24/7 round the clock monitoring for burglary and fire as well as carbon monoxide detection for homes. It also provides adt security intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance.

Monitoring the safety of your home is not limited to just the physical location. ADT is a pioneer in real time monitoring technology. With its exclusive ADT Pulse® Automation Solutions, customers can and will enjoy all the freedom and flexibility of carrying the control of security; this is having a true sense of peace of mind whenever and wherever. Customers can monitor their secured location from a distance, set arming and disarming commands, and even control lighting and temperature settings.

ADT Security goes beyond protection of your valuable properties. We have loved ones who are far more valuable and truly priceless and they need protection. ADT Companion Service® Personal Emergency Response System allows elderly and adults with disability to live on their own by having a powering security and monitoring system.

ADT Security offers wireless home medical alert system so that the customers can have the freedom to enjoy their independence at the comfort of their home and the convenience of being away from home.

ADT Security is the leading home security system that will give you and your family the gift of safety, peace of mind with just a push of a button.