Alex Dunnham

Alex Dunham is a biographer and historian writing about the Vice Presidency of Dick Cheney.

On Friday, June 9. Jane Hamsher will be moderating the Iraq panel that already includes Ambassador Joe Wilson, Emptywheel of The Next Hurrah, Larry Johnson, Dan Froomkin of the and our own Christy Hardin-Smith.I’m proud to announce that Murray Waas has been added to the Yearly Kos panel on the CIA leak investigation that will be held in Las Vegas along with Ambassador Joe Wilson and Dan Froomkin of the As a journalist for National Journal, Murray Waas has owned the Plame story from the start. As emptywheel has written before, he is the "gold standard" by which all other journalists are judged. Typically Murray Waas will make some bold new revelation about the story. I’ll let NYU Journalism Professor Jay Rosen speak to Murray Waas' importance to this story.