Advanced BioNutrition Corp

By now, most people know that they should not take antibiotics that have been prescribed for other people. Some very savvy people may also know that they shouldn't take antibiotics in order to ease virus symptoms. By taking antibiotics only when needed, and only when prescribed by a doctor, consumers are doing their part to deal with antibiotic resistance. Unfortunately, consumer behavior is only part of the problem. Farmers raising livestock and fish often have historically used large amounts of antibiotics as growth promoters in their processes. Advanced BioNutrition Corp. is developing products that may provide an alternative to that behavior. In the past, farmers gave fish and livestock large amounts of antibiotics to protect the animals from disease but soon discovered that the growth promotion effects had a significant financial benefit. Antibiotics are cheap, plentiful and easy to administer, so this behavior became commonplace. However, many studies have now documented that disease organisms common to animals are becoming resistant to those same antibiotics once used for their treatment. Farmers have been responding to this resistance by giving the animals even higher doses of antibiotics or using new experimental antibiotics. Advanced BioNutrition Corp. scientists think there is a better solution. Research in the past 15 years has now established that the use of certain “gut-friendly” or “good” bacteria such as Lactobacillus of Bifidobacteria, can produce a growth enhancement phenomenon similar to that of chronic antibiotic use. This is likely because both treatments – probiotics and antibiotics – similarly reduce the numbers of “bad” bacteria in the gut. These “bad” bacteria result in chronic low level infection of animals that drains away energy and reduces growth rates. So if probiotics are so good, why have they not totally displaced the use of antibiotics in commercial farming situations? The reason is that the probiotics are not stable for long periods of time and large quantities must be used because 90-99%% of them are destroyed by the stomach on the way to the intestine where they have their healthy effects. These two facts make the use of probiotics too expensive for the industry. So along came Advanced BioNutrition with a solution to this problem. Scientists at Advanced BioNutrition developed a stabilization and delivery technology specifically to allow a long term preservation of probiotics and the ability to protect these “good”