It’s something no one should ever have to face – the suicide of a loved one, a violent criminal act, the aftermath of an accident or a death that wasn’t immediately found. If you face any of those situations, you want help. When you reach out for cleanup, don’t just call anyone. Make sure you call a certified bio hazard cleanup company like Advanced Bio Solutions in Phoenix, AZ.

You want a company that knows how to handle the bio-hazards, blood and bodily fluids that may be found after such traumatic events. You also want a company that recognizes the trauma you have experienced and treats you and your surroundings with respect. Both State and Federal regulations must be met during the cleanup, decontamination and disposal of bio-hazardous waste. You want to make sure that any company you hire has the credentials to know and meet these requirements to avoid future problems. But, it’s not enough to just find someone who follows the rules. You need someone who can deal with you and your family with compassion and care.

When you look for a company, you should expect that they will answer all your questions, show up promptly with the proper personnel and equipment to get the job done right. They should present their OSHA certification and inform you of how often their staff receives OSHA training and certification. The company should also follow through with the help you need. This can include contacting insurance carriers and, even, help with filling out the paperwork to file the claim. Very importantly, they need to protect you, other people and the environment by knowing how to dispose of all biohazardous waste.

Advanced Bio Solutions has the knowledge, the certifications and the willingness to do all those things for you. It’s one call that will start putting your life back in order and removing the remnants of a horrible situation. You can be sure that when you contact Advanced Bio Solutions they will give you understanding, caring service while they get the job done right. They can be reached at 602-325-1580and offer service to all of Arizona and some surrounding states.