Advanced Body Scan

Advanced Body Scan uses modern technology to find unhealthy blockages in the heart, lungs, skeletal system, and colon. The electron beam tomography (EBT) scan technology at the clinic creates highly detailed images that clearly show calcified areas in the body. Additionally, scanners can detect osteoporosis and soft tissue growths. Patients may choose from different scanning packages or full body scans with documented results. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Advanced Body Scan is directed by Mr. Larry Trucano and supervised by Dr. Stanley Dombek.

Many patients choose to undergo tests at Advanced Body Scan to see if they require further medical assistance in the form of surgery, medication, or lifestyle changes. The EBT scans take about 15 minutes to complete, and radiation exposure is very low when compared to earlier evolutions of computed tomography. Most of the examinations performed at the office are accompanied by personal reviews with medical professionals.

The virtual colonoscopy, one of many services available at Advanced Body Scan, is a less invasive way for patients to check for signs of colon cancer. The traditional method of screening involves using a flexible tube called a colonoscope inside the body. Using EBT, the patient receives a 3D image of the colon after submitting to a quick scan. The image shows blockages and polyps that could be problematic for the patient. Another common procedure, bone density examination, tests for areas of weakness in the spine. It can accurately diagnose osteoporosis, a disease that strikes many older men and women. Patients can use this type of scan for the early diagnosis and treatment of this bone disease, which may begin in the spine.

Advanced Body Scan now offers a Health Check Advantage plan for patients who want to schedule recurring exams on a regular basis. The office also has a corporate program that provides employee scan discounts to companies around Oklahoma City.