advanced colleges of america

Irvine Ca US

Based in Irvine, California, Advanced Colleges of America (ACA) trains pre-residency and pre-health students by combining hands-on clinical training and online learning. Maintaining a first-year-residency placement rate of 75 percent for the past few years, Advanced Colleges of America’s success gives both international and U.S. students a strong educational foundation for entering the American health care industry.

This preparatory training helps international medical students and graduates learn American health care practices and compete with their U.S. counterparts for residency placements, and it also gives American graduates an edge in this competitive industry. All students have access to clinical externships at some of the nation’s most respected medical institutions, ranging from teaching hospitals to surgical centers and primary care clinics.

ACA’s affordable medical-assisting programs offer an interactive learning experience. This platform enables instant communication between students and faculty and easy sharing of feedback. Students benefit from online chat and discussion features, and they can conveniently take all their exams online.