Adcanced Pain Centers Lahore


Treatments & Patient Care

We offer complete, individualized programs of the latest pain control techniques and treatment options to maximize patient outcomes.

Decreasing the patient’s pain and its impact on their personal and professional lives is our first and foremost concern. We provide a complete evaluation and detailed treatment plan to ensure a successful outcome.

New beginning

Advanced your functional ability

Optimize your quality of life & daily activities

Improve your emotional well-being

Return to work quickly

Treatment Phase

We utilize advanced procedures and state-of-art equipment to treat pain. We combine both minimally invasive procedures and complimentary treatments (comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach) to treat our pain patients. We used the following different methods, based on each patient’s initial evaluation,

· 3D Spinal Mobilization & Range of Motion treatment methods

· Pain blocks & Procedures

· Minimally Invasive percutaneous cervical & Lumbar Spine Mobilization, Spinal Cord Stimulators, Vertebroplasty, Kyphoplasty, Laser therapies etc.

Chiropractor Treatment

Physical Therapy

Wellness Procedures

Pain Procedures/Injections

Ozone Therapy

Sound wave Therapy

Advanced Kinetic Therapy

Stem Cell Procedures

Epidural injections