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For all those of you who dont know, the Sims O-nline is under-going a revolution. Having been left standing for the last few years with little to no feedback, E-a are in last re-shaping the overall game, and the entire world of multiplayer gaming as we know it. Seem like hyperbole? Perhaps, probably not; check out their latest addition to the online gambling experience: AvatarBook.

Facebook made flesh

What exactly is Avatarbook? Well, the idea is in the name. What's among the biggest social networking websites on the earth at the minute? Thats right - Facebook. With over 58 million people, Facebook may be the main reason that most of us log-on each day. But, as we all know, it has its limitations. As do online games.

One problem with online activities is the fact that they may be too divorced from reality - you've your real-world friends, and your online friends, and the 2 remain strongly split. Ditto Facebook - your user-circle is restricted by who you already know, and its hard-to get to know people outside of that circle on a basis without discussing all your private knowledge or being presented by a friend of a friend.

All that's set to change, with a brand new program that can change our marketing community forever. They opened up the world of o-nline gambling by taking it to the real world, when Linden Labs built Linden Dollars (the currency of the hugely popular sport Second Life) exchangeable for real-world currency. Now EA need to do a similar thing, by allowing people of the Sims O-nline to link their Avatars' reports to their Facebook users.

Revealing Data

Avatarbook has two faces -- the in-game version and the Facebook version. Click here research call of duty advanced warfare to discover how to allow for this viewpoint. In-game you can utilize it much like Facebook, in see their limited pages and that you can discover other Avatars. For friends-the full pages are apparent, with walls for visitors to write-on and updatable status. Your page may also show if your lot is open or not, and the appliance a be-used to easily make your way around EA Land when you jump from friend to friend.

In Facebook, the program shows your Avatar's details (unless you've selected a private setting) and picture, and if you're logged onto the game. It is a useful means for people to discover who is o-nline and never have to log in thems