Salon Advantage

Salon Advantage is the Number One supplier of salon software to independent hair salons in britain We not only match our competitors feature for feature, but we offer much more! Our clientèle know they're purchasing much more than merely a simple software package. Our salon seasoned team becomes part of your team. And we won't rest until your business is a success. Salon Advantage's diary management software is so simple to use, virtually anyone can operate it. And lurking behind the appointment diary software is our powerful database. Salon Advantage's applications analyses and puts to work all information entered to the structure, helping to make your salon business more profitable and run more efficiently. You can view and print over one hundred ready made reports to analyse every element of your salon. Salon Advantage's software will enable you to organize and take control of your salon business. For any salon looking to control stock and enhance profitability, Salon Advantage 's software comes with simple to use stock control functions. Intuitions, poor advice, and provider deals are some of the reasons many company become badly stocked. In case you are seeking to save money, our salon management software can let you remove overstocked and out-of-stock situations. Our SMART marketing applications acts as your own marketing manager, with tons of SMS campaigns. Our marketing campaigns can likewise run completely independently, so you'll never have to lift a finger to send texts to new and existing clients. It is truly a unique salon software package which can't be matched by any other company! Finally, we see little point in selling you a highly capable salon solution without showing you how exactly to have the very best from it now and as you grow, we're fanatical about this, there's a level of expertise we feel every client should target, and it is our job to guide you there. We won't rest until we've helped to grow your business, which means we are with you all the way, assisting you to train your staff and obtain the most from our software. Salon Advantage's software starts as low as twenty three pounds weekly, with interest-free programs available! Call us now on 01323 737691 and book a live demonstration!