advento tebai


about me: I am a traveler, the road somewhere, and somewhere along the goal-even if I arrived I did not know, because I was born amidst a world of greed and injustice in rulers who overcame all the rights that I have.

Earthly desires are fundamental nature of the ruling power knows no bounds of reasonableness ownership. the lives owners are entitled to rule, hovering, as if the lives of the animals that killed owner who is hungry for meat.
Living with the hope that the law will ensure, that's one dream for the poor.
My problem is my neighbor face to face and not a matter of eating and drinking, but the issue of the right to life. life is a person's right to work according to the purpose of the creator. and over ancestral lands any person who has a clear history of his life.

Where should we run when we pursued, intimidated, terrorized, imprisoned, and killed on the ground of our ancestors.
what should we do ...... evade ....??? or be a traitor .....??? not ......???

the answer lies in our whole self, then let us ask ourselves each

so for me I choose to be a traveler looking for points of light for my own life, children and grandchildren and for my neighbor who feel the same way ....

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