Adventure Sports in India (and beyond)


Always were interested in adventure sports but did't know who to ask? Wikipedia was your only refuge to know if it was Jummar or Jumar (or what-on-earth that was first of all)? Your search ends here.

Managed by Treks 'n Rapids, Five times voted India's Number One Adventure Sports Company, this page is a not-for-profit initiative to equip budding adventurers with authentic information, to guide adventure travellers coming to India (or the domestic travellers for that matter) & the Sub continent about the various exciting adventure sport destinations in the region and to overall promote the culture of safe and responsible adventure sports.

Adventure sports, means different thing to different people. Life altering experince, incomparable thrill, gush adrenaline and more. As we believe, adventure sports are not about suicidal attempts but calculated risks. As Erica Jong says, "if you dont risk anything, you risk even more." Research shows that chances of getting fatally hurt while crossing a street in any modern metropolitan city are a thousand (or maybe more) times more than that while experincing an adventure sports. Adventure sports is a whole lot, if not entirely, about discipline and technique. Understand what you want to experience, go through a professional operator, check the credentials, check the gear and the competency of the instructors, check if your trip is insured (while nothing can be more valuable than a life, still this does reassures the professional attitude of the operator) and head on to experience what to many is a once in a lifetime experience.

White Water Rafting on Ganges, Trekking expeditions in Garhwal Himalayas (Uttarakhand), Trekking in Ladakh and North East India, Hiking in Sahyadris (Maharashtra), Snow Skiing in Gulmarg and Auli, Scuba Diving in Andamans and Goa, Rock Climbing (around New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore), Paragliding in Bir Billing and Kamshet, Hot Air Ballooning at Rishikesh and around Delhi, Parasailing, Wild Life Safaris, Bird Watching and destination based adventure travel have been some of the adventure activities getting popular since last ten years in India.

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