Adventure Squad !

Valerie Ward and Kaci Beeler (of award winning, internationally touring Parallelogramophonograph) bring their years of improv experience, personal pre-teen tragedies, and unflagging friendship to this duo. Adventure Squad features the trials and tribulations of two best friends who don't quite fit in with anyone else as they navigate the strange liminal time between childhood and adolescence. Kaci and Valerie created the world of Adventure Squad inspired by their own pasts, and using the main characters they know all too well they improvise a new adventure for each show. The performances tend to be truthful, touching, and hilarious as Kaci and Valerie fill out the sixth grade world of their alter egos Emily and Tabitha. Plus there's a choreographed dance and new matching outfits for every show! Adventure Squad! has been featured at Austin's LAFF (Ladies are Funny Festival), Philadelphia's DuoFest, and San Francisco's Femproviser Fest.

Here's what audience members have said about Ad Squad:

"Adventure Squad! was one of my favorite shows last year. I can't wait to see them again and I am so jealous of the shorts." -Andrea Young

"Went to opening night of THE 5TH ANNUAL LADIES ARE FUNNY FESTIVAL last night. Ladies are indeed funny, and Kaci Beeler and Valerie Ward might just be the funniest of them all." -Brad Hawkins

"You and Valerie were pretty much on fire ~ Jesusfire? ~ last night. I ... hadn't seen smooth, hilarious unscriptedness of such precision & complexity outside of, like, the best Get Up gigs ...WITH EXTRA BONUS POINTS FOR 'ASTHMA BOY'." -Wayne Alan Brenner, Arts Editor, Austin Chronicle

"Emily and Tabitha are such sweet, funny characters." -Amy Averett

"I'm considering pressing charges for assault, I hurt so much from you two cracking me up last night." Jordan Maxwell

Adventure Squad! debuted at the Ladies Are Funny Festival (LAFF) in 2008 and has played the festival every year since. Ad Squad also performed at the very first Duo Fest improv festival in Philadelphia in 2010, receiving rave reviews from their connected, fun, and energetic performances.

Kaci and Valerie are also the female members of the award-winning Parallelogramophonograph (, their improv troupe that performs every Friday night at 10pm at The Hideout Theatre in Downtown Austin.