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Lauren Hammer

Hi! Lauren here, I’m pretty new to this blogging ordeal, and life in general if I’m being honest… I live in a constant state of wander and ponylust. I enjoy yoga, starry nights, tea, german films and curling up with my journal when I’m not on a horse galloping after my dreams. I’ll be an incoming freshman at Roanoke College in the adorable town of Salem, Va shortly, where I’m not really sure what I want to do with my life (besides ride and travel) which is a bit of a problem, but I’m working through it and have narrowed myself down to about 5 majors (lol). I spend my free time taming my curly hair, driving my Jeep Wrangler, sitting on horses, rescuing animals, obsessively checking flight prices, and wondering where all my money went. I’m a dreamer, a do-er, an adventuring girl at heart.