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Santosh Kumar Sharma

Teacher in New Delhi, India

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I am a teacher not by chance but choice. I am firm believer in the old notion that a teacher is a real shaper of the nation. In every lecture I deliver I try to find out how effervescently I can do it.

I think and believe “Education is a man making process” however with the passage of time this concept towards education has been changing as ‘job making process’. But this is a fact that we can not deny the persisting need of this changed concept of education. As we know ‘Necessity is the primary criterion to justify any concept’ so is with this. Here requirement of job is also need of the hour . This is emerging one. While on the other hand the man making process is not only pious but inseparable element of education. So how these two quintessential are synthesized. This is the teacher who is having responsibility to harmonize both. So I still think that teaching is a profession where you can put yourself in the future shaping process of any nation.

Teaching of any subject have its distinctive need and importance but when it comes to law, importance multiplied substantially because study of law is not the study of any subject but study of the system of that nation, that is why here role of teacher is more challenging. This also inspired me to come to this profession. Law without society is anarchy so law can be termed as the mirror of the society.

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