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Lu Luthra


Pastors Lu & Cynthia Luthra have been walking faithfully with the Lord since they received Jesus into their lives in 1980. Not long after their conversion they were called into the ministry. The Lord gave them a vision to teach and preach the word, prepare the Bride for her King, and fan the flames of revival.

They have led home groups, participated in missions, pastored churches—even established a Bible College—pouring their hearts out in teaching, counseling, and equipping many for Kingdom work.

gifting in the teaching and pastoral ministry is fueled by a hunger to raise up an end-time army for the Lord. With a heart after GOD Lu is anointed with Apostolic authority through example he teaches how to establish ones character in inner and outer Godly strength and purity, as well as utilizing divine wisdom and practical living. He uses his gift to strengthen, edify and uplift others in their gifts, callings and destiny. He carries a Father’s heart, to encourage others to be lifted up in their callings.

Cynthia’s heart burns for the body of Christ to be brought into revival and intimate relationship with the Lord, a passion sustained by a ministry of prayer and intercession and the gift of prophecy. Cynthia is anointed with an apostolic Prophetic call to teach and lead into prophetic passionate love for Christ in her spontaneous worship, to raise up a new breed of warriors for the kingdom

Both Cynthia and Lu walk under the anointing to create open heavens experiences, where believers are taken into a deep place of intimacy with God. In that place, where the tangible and manifest atmosphere of the glory of God has come down from heaven, some truly awesome spiritual and mystical realities can be experienced..