Aderian Walker-Younger

Newark, New Jersey

My name is Aderian Walker-Younger, I currently live in New Jersey and I have 3 children. My oldest boy is 28, my daughter is 17 and my youngest boy is 10 on the autism spectrum. I home school my two youngest at home and I am also currently enrolled at FullSail University's Entertainment Business BS Degree program. I enjoy anything that has to do with music, films, song and creative writing. Upon graduation I will begin to execute my career goals to launch my very own music and film production company.

I have a passion for music of various genre's such as: rock, hip hop, country, latin, opera, r&b, blues, etc. I am a free spirited person that is not afraid to express myself as I enjoy rocking my big natural afro. I encourage and challenge others to dare to be themselves to strengthen self esteem, identify their inner beauty, enhance the outer surface of beauty and to develop a stronger love for oneself.

  • Education
    • Full Sail University, Entertainment Business Graduate